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I have been asked to write a few words on each of my 7 books, the final only a one page book. It's hard to know where to begin or what drives you and what experience or authority you have to write, especially about controversial climate change and state of our nation.

I grew up with my big hearted grandparents as Mum and Dad on a very primitive horse and cart farm. The ploughing, planting and reaping, plus a dairy and animals of all descriptions. The other main daily transport of smaller things was done by a people yoke, including the two dunny buckets to the orchard.

A magic formative realistic world where you create new life and wealth in all its forms, all governed by the weather and the rhythm of the seasons. Living and working with 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse', including a bigger than usual earthquake that lifted a city and surrounds 12 feet out of the sea, raising mans habitat flat in moments 30 miles away. Distinctly remember the only means of locomotion in this roaring noise was by crawling. In all of this, you very soon realise humans are only one small part of all things in these powerful forces of nature.

Nearby was an original old church, and my willing grandparents were saddled with its maintenance and basic operation - such as me slicing the crust off the bread of the body and cutting into squares from an early age. No one drank in our house of six people (three being disabled and all too poor), we also looked after the blood of wine, and polished this silver and the church. This area in New Zealand with its many Squires, big houses and estates, was more English than England - all speaking upper plum English.

On Sundays, each helped the Minister by taking turns high up in this church pulpit, looking down and terrifying the young & old with their sermons. One day when I was about 10, this tall thin near two metre Squire named Neville said "I had to shift some of my sheep out of their paddock into new pasture. I had three more paddocks, each with good pasture and did not know which one to put them in, so I knelt down and asked God."

The brain is a fantastic computer with memory and great processing capacity. Somewhere between 13 and 14, I said to my grandparents "I am not going to church anymore, instead I will sweep and polish the house and cook the roast dinner." This must have broken their hearts, you see it took that long to work up this capacity, as any little country girl or boy in that church would only need to look at those three paddocks to know which one to put his sheep in. This foundation building of seeing a big man and his system, and God brought down to dust, has probably been one of many forces that has allowed me to stand off from life. To look objectively at all of our world's machinery from a logical, practical, common sense platform, you have to keep it simple. It's all about who is driving the bus and what forces are driving the driver.

Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Fabian Socialism and Capitalism are all religions with many faces and paths. All plants, animals and humans are continually locked into wars of daily survival, war being the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, in which the strong eat and the weak are eaten.

Today these forces have driven our federal politics into a juvenile kindergarten sandpit, fighting for power and profit in all its forms. Me only, where national interests have no place, a world joke on how a nation buried sky high in wealth has impoverished itself. The best live show on the planet - better than TV, the death of a nation from 10,000 cuts by our own hand.

To write demands, some start up explosive ignition - and that was John, a Ringer, a man of many parts on our station in The Buffalo Country. John had a tandem box trailer, within was all his past lives of belt buckles and trophies as a rodeo buck jump rider and other entrepreneurial enterprises.

In those days, food and accommodation was free and we all together, with our family, ate in our area of The Pub. John was a coke drinker, and on the late shift after supper I would shout him a coke and ask for some of his Banjo Patterson. John was a master speaker and knew Banjo's poems cover to cover, going nonstop for 30-40 minutes, leaning against the bar. And out on The Run some appropriate lines drove us all mad.

After about a year, I said to John "I am beginning to think in rhymes." "Carry a pencil & paper and write it all down" says John - and that's how my writing began. Reams of rubbish, and after throwing most away you are left with a book.

The incubation time like the sheep sermon for my first book 'Australia 2000' with the Russian Communist flag planted in central Australia and our flag close to the sea in Western Australia, took from the late 1960's to early-mid 1980's.

During this era, Australia was rapidly descending economically while Singapore, Taiwan and others were rapidly climbing their money heap. I could not understand how it's possible that our wealthy nation could disintegrate so quickly, so began to ask questions and read a lot of stuff.

Eventually, it all came down to one word, management, who has the steering wheel of Bus Australia. By early 1980's, with our great icon Bob Hawke at the wheel - plus all his comrades, it was obvious we were heading for our crash almost as big as the last great depression. Made in Australia, by management.

So with John's words, I wrote it all down as a book to prove to myself (and perhaps others), it's possible by putting trends and drivers of our bus Australia together, this gives you the state of our nation at any given time.


Australia 2000: Which Will It Be?

The first words are 'Life & reality is like driving down a highway, whether you live in suburbia or travel the country road, whether you are interested in the road signs along the way or not is totally irrelevant. Reality is - those signs will effect your life enormously. This is the age of reality and the violent age both go hand in hand as the approach of reality effects individuals and whole societies. A little further on, John on my shoulder took over.


Stop go, fast slow
It's a ball watching it all
Don't be unrealistic
You will end up another statistic
It makes me weep
Our drivers are asleep
We are headed for the deep
Where things won't be very flash
Cos there's a smash with the cash

And 1987 bang - banks, jobs, and your house disappeared with house interest at 17% and business 21-22%. Further on, a chapter entitled 'Land'. Our land is our Nation's bank account. Today we are selling our land, our bank account to China for peanuts and Bob Hawke is our main real estate agent for 'My Chinese Friends'


The Last Roundup

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Book 2, written by my wife and self, was about life on an outback station from 1963, with a wonderful indigenous team. One wise Matriarch laid down the future path for all Australians with her covenant "We must be one people, one country or there will be big trouble."


Highest Priority: Halt Global Warming

Book 3, Written December 2000 - January 2001, released April 2001.

The evidence was clear to me that mankind had broken and was continuing to break the foundation covenant for safe sound land management. Thou shalt not overstock and overgraze your land or you will destroy it. And we had done that, and continue to do so 10/10.

The first chapter is called 'Reality' and the first lines are:

The reality is, we have trashed a planet. We, the people of Planet Earth have done the unthinkable. The unforgivable. We have placed ourselves like some God above the laws of nature. Nature rules all things upon our world farm. Deaf and blind to politics, prayers, ideologies, hope and promises, makes no deals.

Cover called, Highest Priority - Halt Global Warming and below the new manmade Sixth Horseman of the Apocalypse driving his chariot of global warming across our skies. Again, John's influence is there.

Since time began,
Until we get a brotherhood of man,
You hold your land only by muscle
And the number of spears you can hustle.
To all those who contravene nature's first law,
It's happened a thousand times before,
In days of yore,
Wiped out by war.

The final page last words lay out the unachievable criteria to halt/slow climate change (it's unfixable). To fix the environment we must have no wars, no cheating, and no personal self interest above the interests of the harmony of balance of our global village for centuries.



Book 4, February 2006

The cover, four minutes to twelve through to midnight. Nothing realistic was happening by our management, only talk.

First words - There are no nice words to describe how it happened we turned our world upside down or how we are dealing with the challenges or the outcome that we have destroyed our planet. Global warming is now way beyond the point of no return, leaving Australian's with only one choice. One option and one goal. The survival of our nation, to live or to die.

The rise and rise and rise and peak and decline of Christian Europe.

Last words - A new single non-political government must do all of this and more in a very short condensed time frame. "You can do it."


Global Warming: The Battle Plan for Australia's Survival

Book 5, February 2007

Horrendous statistics are rolling in and still management only talks and waffles.

First words - Australia's greatest challenge to survive global warming and resultant climate change is MENTAL. The ability to accept this house of cards mankind has built, based upon a foundation of sand, is collapsing around us at astronomical speed. Unstoppable, locked into comfortable systems too good to change, as the personal cost of change is deemed too great.

Further bits - All our systems are obsolete. Massive world starvation. The collapse of civilization as we know it today. Billions of people will be forced to migrate, billions will die.
If you want to know the future, study the past.

We have created a new world. Chaos. The total collapse of mankind's fragile social structures and cohesion both national and international.

Rage riots. In this new world, there are no civilians. We are all soldiers from the new born babe to the oldest in the land. We are locked into total war of survival.

Based up 56 years of business decision making, I will bet the farm that within the next three-year term of our national parliament, those two triggers of chaos will happen. An economic downturn or collapse and mankind's total awareness that most of us are going to die (the first has happened big time, not yet the second).

Last words - The people factor which is the first major violent wild card in this whole equation.


Can Australia Survive Climate Change & The Power Shift from West to East

Book 6, February 2013 - Buy on Amazon

With a photo of our local dragon built in a great garden next to the Stuart Highway, with his foot on a ball - the world economy and a ball on his tongue with a map of Australia inside. These two balls exist insitu, although I added the remarks and map plus the answer. Upon current performance, NO.

Chapter One, first words - Time has run out. Climate change is about extinction of species.

Further, paragraph three - Climate change creates a complete new world. We are all (especially Australians), dealing with this new world with old world obsolete values, ideologies and systems. Psychologists call this 'Suppression of Reality'. There is only one word in the dictionary of this new world - Survival.

Survival of the Australian Tribe.

It has been estimated that some 56 million years ago this instant climate change was caused by HUGE amounts of methane boiling up from under the Arctic Sea. Methane is 20 times worse than CO2.

In December 2011 at a climate change meeting in San Francisco, the head scientist of the Russian Delegation said "We have seen hundreds of methane fountains in the Arctic Sea, some over half a mile across (about 800 metres) and probably there are thousands."

We are (Australia) a dinosaur with only our dying left to do, and our passing will be painful. We must run our Nation as a business, not with obsolete ideology.

Chapters. The Fabian Society, China.

The 100 years occupation and rape of China by the west.

The first casualty of The Horsemen is food.

China has crashed the world economy permanently by flooding it with cheap products and this is permanent.

Last words - In 1980, our world's greatest modern statesman Lee Kuan Yew, of Singapore, said "Australia is on track to become the poor white trash of South East Asia."

In 1980 our world’s greatest modern statesman Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore said “Australia is on track to become The Poor White Trash of S/E Asia.”


The Last Waltz

Book 7, April 2014 (One Page Book) - Buy on Amazon

The Dragon dancing with the Sheep as in 'Waltzing Matilda', on a map of Australia with 'For Sale' signs upon it. Quoting our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, "we are open for business."

Tony, together with his/our business Ambassador, Gina Rhinehart and others, believe climate change is crap and still selling off the Australian farm to China. Hang tight folks, it's going to be a fantastic ride as all we will do is vote in who will give us the most money which is socialism.

Connect the dots.

Australia is bankrupt folks.


All of these books are hard upfront facts of our times, each with simple achievable funded solutions which is stage one in any 'fix it' challenge.

Book Six - February 2007. A hundred towns and surrounds, with dams each of about 200-250km in diameter from Cooktown to Broome and inland each of around 100,000 is 10 million stage one for 30 million north of Capricorn.
Have thrown these books around like grenades, includes a local World Environmental Education Expo Centre in Darwin.

Based upon real hard evidence of our Top End Wetlands sea invasion. That could easily create a one billion dollar per year industry for indigenous and non-indigenous stakeholders plus Darwin and Northern Territory. Australia leading the world.

Weird results of these throwaways sometimes happen solid proof of our huge internal power wars that prevent any progress or solution to these enormous challenges we face. Most are ignored as we totally ignore the greatest challenge mankind faces today, since we began, surviving the climate change.


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